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Recognizing Child Abuse as a Public Issue: Insights from Social Cultural & Feminist Perspectives

Philosophy as Therapy: Insights from Existentialism on the Nature and Overcoming of Trauma

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Reconsidering Goya in Terms of Adorno’s Aesthetic: A Critical Analysis of the Function of “Ugliness” and “Grotesque” in Writings on Goya’s Late Work.

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#MeToo in de Rotterdamse Horeca: Wat kunnen we eraan doen?

For IDEM Rotterdam, I co-wrote an article about sexual harassment in night clubs. Together with Arwen Hoogenbosch, I asked club owners, barmaids and hospitality associations what we can do about this problem. “Every girl that goes out or works in clubs has witnessed or experienced this”.


Unsettling the Colonial Gaze: Decolonization to Combat Global Warming

For Sociologisch Mokum, I wrote an opinion article in which I advocate to move away from the individualist perspective on climate change

the bookshelf of: Mafalda araújo

For Sociologisch Mokum, I interviewed Mafalda Araújo. She is a feminist, writer, and my dear friend. We talked about her favourite books.


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on nature

an activity to calm your nerves

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